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The Picture Wall

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

So we are back in lockdown AGAIN. The cupboards are tidy. Drawers have been sorted. Are you ready for another mini project?

One question that I have been asked so many times over the years, is about "The Picture Wall".

Aka: The Wall in your house, that is crying out for some pictures.

"Hang something on me. I beg of you," says The Wall.

A few years ago, i created this one in my lounge, which constantly sparks joy!

So i've written this blog as a "Picture Wall journey", to help offer advice on where to begin.

I started by looking on Pinterest for some ideas, which was BRILLIANT! I created my own Pinterest board, from all the gorgeous walls that i had seen online.

This process helped me focus on what kind of look i wanted.

Photos? Illustrations? Paintings? Trinkets? Maps?!

I also bought a fab book called "Creative to display and enjoy your treasured collections" by Geraldine James, which shows you that you can hang just about ANYTHING on your wall!

It's your wall. You make the rules!

With help from the book and the Pinterest board, i started gathering together my most treasured photos, pictures and trinkets and picked out my favourites.

Which led me on to frames.

Do i want them all matching?

Should they all be similar sizes?

Different styles?

Wood? Glass? Metal?

Some frames i bought online (Cox & Cox have a great selection). I liked these particular frames (below), as it meant that i could easily change the photo inside, without it being a faff.

I bought a couple of Ikea frames, as i wanted a mixture of simple black & white. Then i had the photos printed to fit into the mount within the frame.

I bought a few bits online, like this frame below, with special locations on a map from Etsy seller MadeByMrsJones.

Finally, i gathered up my bespoke frames which the fabulous team at The Framing Shop in Hale have created for me over the years.

If the photo didn't quite fit the mount or the frame, i took it to Debbie at The Framing Shop who either re-framed it, or cut a new mount for me. Having the correct mount is key. It's not expensive to do but it makes the world of difference to your framed image.

Some people opt for a personalised decal (wall sticker), which they incorporate onto their wall, like an inspirational quote, or the family rules. There are lots of suppliers on Etsy - here is one that i have found:

Next up: do you want to put nails in the wall to hang everything, or place your frames on a Picture ledge? (like a shelf, but thinner). Ikea do a good range of Picture Ledges, as do Desenio. With a ledge, you can chop & change your frames all the time, so it's flexible.

The next part was my biggest indulgence! I paid for someone to come and advise me on how to position & hang them on the wall. Yes. I cheated!

I contacted David from Hang My Art who came along and advised me on which pictures would work well in this cluster. I instantly LOVED what he did.

Some pictures didn't make the grade! Boo hoo!

(But he hung those elsewhere in the house. Yay!)

Not only are the pictures all beautifully hung and are NEVER crooked, but each memory makes me happy. On a daily basis. Even my dog loves them.

And if i want to change any of the photos inside the frame, i can. It's super easy.

If you hang them yourself, i'd suggest you lay them all out on the floor, and decide for yourself what looks good. You could stick to a theme (travel/holidays) or keep them all black & white. If you need help choosing, maybe do 5 various layouts on the floor and message your friends to get their view. It's so subjective but it may help you decide. Then cut out paper versions of your frames and work out the exact wall placement with masking tape.

Click on this youtube video for some great advice on how best to do it.

Creating a Picture Wall is a mini labour-of-love, but it's so highly recommended. The process of finding the images is really heart-warming. It encourages you to reflect on moments in the past - whatever they may be. And you will never regret doing it.

Remember, no-one is going to grade you or judge you. It's not a competition. It's a reflective Picture Wall of pure joy and happiness!

I hope this blog helps give you some inspiration on creating your very own Picture Wall. x

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