Welcome to Katie Lucas Photography

I have been passionate about photography ever since I can remember, creating personal archives of dodgy hairstyles, dodgier boyfriends and some seriously bad fashion choices!

Having my own family cemented my ambition to become a portrait photographer.  And I have derived so much pleasure from taking photos of my own children and capturing every special moment, that it has helped me realise how photography and motherhood dovetail so perfectly together.

We can’t stop our beautiful children growing, but we can capture the memories of them changing, with stunning photographs that we can treasure forever. And as Andy Warhol once said,

“A photograph never changes.  Even when the people in it do.”

Since heading down the path of portrait photography, I have been asked to do more and more commercial work too, which has been wonderful.  Clients now range from specialist property companies and restaurants, to horticultural suppliers and schools.  This has allowed me to work flexibly around the family, while broadening my skillset.  


I do hope that you enjoy looking at my portfolio of photographs. If you would like to contact me about a photoshoot, or if you simply have some questions, I would love to hear from you so please get in touch here.


Best wishes,