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To get your ideal look for your portraits, it’s really important to be happy with what you are wearing. You need to be comfortable in your clothes but also you need to be a little practical if we are outside. Many people prefer to opt for the simple, classic look which will keep the portrait looking timeless. If you can, it’s really worth putting some time into planning your outfits.


Colours and Patterns


Choosing the right tones can really add to the image. This doesn’t mean that you all have to wear one block colour, but consider tones and shades. This will really help with the overall look and feel of the portrait that you want to achieve.


Here are a few starter ideas:

  • Pinks, corals and purples.

  • Black and white.

  • Blues and whites.

  • Navy, whites and reds.

  • Blues, yellows, greys and whites.

  • Any bright colour can be worn with neutral shades of black, white and grey. 

I can always help you plan your colour/tone scheme beforehand over the phone. Don’t panic if this sounds like hard work - it just takes a little time working out what you have and what will work together.


A few simple rules though - do stay away from busy patterns and logos, as these can date quickly and avoid skinny stripes (although thick stripes are usually fine).


If you want some inspiration, check out my favourite ideas for What to Wear on Pinterest.


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