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Q) Where would our photoshoot take place?


For Family shoots, you have two choices.  Either indoors or outdoors!  For outdoor shoots, we are lucky in Cheshire to have so many stunning backdrops for photoshoots. We could meet at a beautiful park, a location that is special to you or even in your own garden. Some locations come alive at certain times of the year, for example when the daffodils are in bloom or the bluebells. We can discuss locations together in our pre-shoot briefing and find the perfect spot for our shoot.

For indoor shoots, i have my studio here in Bowdon which is perfect whatever the weather!  My backdrop is white, which keeps things lovely and simple, plus it is warm and cosy in winter.  Parking is easy and you only need to walk up the path.  

For Headshot shoots, i tend to do them here in Bowdon, with a mixture of outdoor shots in my garden and indoor shots in the studio.

If you would like a headshot shoot on location, let me know and we can make a plan.


Q) How far do you travel?


I’m happy to drive within a 20 mile radius of Bowdon, which is near Hale and Altrincham, for no extra charge. My postcode is WA14 2JN.  If you are looking at a shoot further afield, please let me know as i my studio lights and i do travel!   (We have been to London, Glasgow, Bath, Lincoln and Birmingham to name a few locations!)


Q) How long does the session last?


For Family shoots, sessions typically last up to two hours but if we have some issues with the weather or with little ones’ moods, we can take longer. I like to work without time pressures on a photoshoot so if it takes slightly longer, that’s fine by me.

Headshot shoots tend to last 1-2 hours.  The quickest ever was 30 minutes!  Most clients bring a few changes of outfits, so we always allow time to change, plus enjoy a coffee or tea!  I never like to pressurise clients on time, but most are ready to get back to their day job after 2 hours...and when they are all smiled out!


Q) I want to book a family shoot, but my other half isn’t keen?


This is one of my most frequently asked questions! More often than not, it’s Mum who is keen on having a portrait photo session with a reluctant Dad in the wings. My photoshoots are fun and relaxed, so hopefully they will ease into it. There will be lots of opportunity behind the camera for making the children laugh, so the lens won’t always be on them. Remember, we're asking for just two hours of their time to capture this particular stage in your family’s history. However, if that fails, there is always bribery!

I wrote a little blog called "The Reluctant Dad" which may ring true and make you giggle, if you fancy a read: 


Q) I hate having my photo taken!  

So do 99% of people!  But that is where I come in!  I specialise in putting people at ease.  My job is to make you feel relaxed and we will take our time to get the right shots.  I’ll give you tips and tricks of how to feel good in front of the camera.  I’ll also keep showing you the images during our shoot, to make sure you are happy with them and to ensure I’m answering your brief.

Q) What should I wear?


For Family shoots, please see my “What to wear” section.


For Headshot shoots, I will email you with lots of information beforehand, so you can plan ahead.  I have a bathroom in my studio, where you can get changed in private.


Q) Can my child bring their favourite teddy or toy to the photoshoot?


Absolutely - having it in the photo can really add personality to the image.


Q) Can I bring two sets of clothes on a family shoot?


I find that changing from one set of clothes to another can give the photoshoot a natural interval and gives everyone some time-out to get changed and refresh. Obviously it depends on the location as to where you may get changed, but it creates two different moods and styles to the images, which I love.

Sometimes it can be as simple as a different colour top or coat, which differentiates one stage of the photoshoot from another.


Q) What if my little one isn’t in the mood?


Trust me when I say, you are not alone. Your children may want some time to get to know me. They may be a little shy or just not in the mood. With three children of my own, patience comes with the job. I have some little games and fun ideas to bring them out of their shell, and please be reassured that time is not an issue.


Q) What if my child doesn’t smile?


It’s only natural for your child to not feel completely relaxed at first. Once they observe me interacting with you, they will begin to relax and trust me too. Mums and Dads know exactly how to make their little one smile, so I sometimes ask parents to joke around behind me and I can then capture the warmth in your child’s eyes as they get the giggles at your jokes.


Q) Can I bring food or sweets on the photoshoot?


By all means, yes. In fact, you all need to keep up your energy, so snacks really are a good idea for all the family. However, please bring snacks that can be eaten fairly quickly (no lollipops please!) and which don’t make a mess of outfits, like chocolate buttons and Wotsits.


Q) How long until I can see the photos?


Two weeks after our photoshoot, I will invite you to view the photos on a big screen at my studio or i can email the images over to you in a lo-res format to view in your own home. I can help you decide how you want to transform your chosen images into canvasses, box frames, framed pictures or to keep as digital images.  Prior to the photoshoot, you will receive a list of all my products and prices, so you can be confident there are no hidden surprises.


Q) Will the photos be retouched?


I can fix any blemishes and enhance your best features.  However, I won’t make any changes to how you look, as you do need to look “like you.”
I’m afraid I don’t photoshop hair after my shoots, so please make sure you are happy with your hairstyle.


Q) Can I buy digital images?


Of course. Digital images cost £350 for ten, £495 for 20 and £750 for the full set.


Q) What happens after I have chosen my images?


Once you have chosen your images and your photo products, they will be sent to print. When I have an estimated date of arrival, I will arrange a suitable time to bring the finished products to your home. This will ideally be 4-6 weeks after our viewing date.


Q) I wear glasses.  Should I not wear them?

If you normally wear glasses, then please do wear them, as that is “You!”  If you have a choice of glasses, please bring both, as we can test which ones have a non-reflective coating.  Ideally, bring glasses that don’t become sunglasses when outside (transition/photochromic lenses), as they will go dark if it’s sunny outside! 

Q) Can you come to our office to do headshots?

Of course.  My studio lights and white backdrop travel, as do i!  If you would like me to come to your office, it will be slightly more expensive but I can easily facilitate this.

Q) I'm thinking about new headshots for our team at work, but our office won’t look good on photos.  Do you shoot anywhere else?

I can also help source locations for shoots, if you feel your office environment doesn’t quite work. 

If you have any other specific questions, please do contact me and I will be delighted to answer them.