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🎊 Celebrating 10 years of Katie Lucas Photography! 🎊

Updated: Feb 26

So much has happened since i shared my very first Instagram post in February 2014, to kickstart my journey at "Katie Lucas Photography"!

It was pre Pandemic, pre Brexit and pre my Teenage kids needing to give approval of all images that I post online!

Oh how times have changed!

But it's a time to give thanks to all my fabulous clients, friends and supporters, who have helped me along the way.

I've had the most fabulous decade, photographing Actors and Surgeons, CEO's and Yogi's, Chefs and QC's, Authors and DJ's, to name a few...

Youngest client? 10 days old.

Oldest client? Over 80 years old!

And pets too. I've even welcomed Ducklings and Dogs into the studio.

Not at the same time, obviously!

That would not end well!

I've photographed inside Cheese Factories and Building sites:

On Stage at the Bridgewater Hall, dahling!

Oh yes...and the other kind of Theatres too - the Surgical kind. Scalpel please.

I've photographed inside Warehouses and Castles:

I've even got to wear full PPE in sites across the country and a Beekeeping suit in Knutsford!

The experiences are endless.

Every day has been different.

Every person i've photographed has had a story to tell...

People have wanted new headshots to find love. 😍

(One client emailed me three months after, to say they had fallen in love and "Did i do Wedding photography?"!). How special is that?! ❤️

Others wanted to update their headshots after a breakup. Or after the loss of a loved one. 💔

Some pioneering folk wanted to start their own venture and needed fresh shots to launch this new chapter (@SummerhillHealth)

Others wanted staff shots outside a particular UK store:

I've had my images on Billboards, Magazines, Train station escalators and National newspapers.

I've photographed Restaurants, Offices, Plants, Events, Results Days, Graduates, Schools, Concerts, Musicians... it has just been INCREDIBLE!

I feel like i've connected with every single client, some of whom have since become friends of mine, which is an added bonus.

One fabulous client wanted Wedding Anniversary shots featuring her Grandmother's stunning shawl, which she had worn at her wedding, 20 years earlier. Turned out that i had been gifted a similar shawl from my Granny before she passed away... so we re-created a super special shoot with us both wearing them!

Bit bonkers, but we had such a giggle!

There are soooo many great memories and times.

So really, I just wanted to say a sincere THANK YOU for supporting me on my photography journey and for your kindness these past ten years.

It has been one hell of a journey and i feel truly blessed to do this job, every single day!

Thank you again... and here's to the next ten years. x

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