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Commercial work: Behind the scenes!

It's been a great few months, with more and more commercial work, which i LOVE!

So i thought i would just share some of the images, with a bit of "Behind The Scenes" action - as i know people often like that!

First up was a shoot in London for the team at Broster Buchanan professional recruitment. It was a day spent refreshing Headshots, plus capturing more images of the team at work, for their new website and for their social media portfolio. More and more clients want authentic images to use on their socials, instead of stock images, for a whole host of reasons - but primarily it does help with SEO.

At the end of our shoot, we did a few informal shots of the fabulous women who worked there, to celebrate International Women's Day.

Next up, was a shoot back in Manchester for Phil & Andrew @ Asiagate, who wanted some images for their LinkedIn profiles. I shot some images together and some individual, so that they've now got some strong images where they look professional, approachable and friendly. (These are the main three criteria which i'm ask to capture for images like these). We ended up using my office (above my studio) for the final shots, which look so fresh and vibrant!

Another highlight was taking team shots in an actual SURGERY at Spire Hospital in Manchester! WOW - that was so special. I literally felt a rush of adrenaline while being in that environment, whereas the Spire team just took it all in their stride! These images were for cardiologist Dr Aruna Arujuna's website, so we captured a real variety, some shots looking natural and some more serious. And no - don't worry, there were no bodies in there being operated on!

The next shoot also involved knives...but for chopping food instead! I was asked by Resilient coaches "The Better People" to photograph a Team-building workshop for PetsAtHome at Cheshire Cookery School. I was asked to be there all morning, so the initial shots were photographing the fun "round table" session, which was then followed by the magical cookery demo. What a lovely team and what a brilliant morning of team building!

And yes - the food was INCREDIBLE! #PerkOfTheJob

One part of my job which i love is the variety of people who i meet each day! There are SO many different jobs and stories and experiences - it is such a pleasure. Here is Brian Jackson - who actually needs to write a biography about his fascinating life in my opinion, as well as tips on his unbelievable work ethic! He had SO many stories to tell. Anyway, he is now in his 80's and has just signed a book deal in the USA for his stories about "The Bean Team". He wanted some shots for the press release - so all i can say is...JK Rowling - watch your back!

My new favourite place...the fabulous Peckforton Castle! Have you been? Oh wow - it is just incredible and the most wonderful setting for a Conference for Edmund Shipway Construction Consultants, who needed one location to host their four different offices for 2 days. I was asked to do Headshots, Speaker shots, Team shots and the big group shot - and it was an absolute pleasure! I loved every minute of it and even had the tastiest lunch EVER to keep fuelled!

This was a super special shoot at the Manchester International Festival for the friendliest team on earth, the crew at Civic Engineers, who always throw the best parties too! I was asked to capture their 10 year anniversary event (arrival shots, speaker shots and the general atmosphere), which is always such a pleasure. I was just blown away by all the renovation in that part of Manchester - it is stunning!

This was a really fun shoot with Linda & Kate @ CBC Resourcing Solutions, who wanted some shots together and individually for their LinkedIn profiles. It was a lovely summer morning, with a gorgeous blue sky and a great local backdrop in Altrincham. Their choice of outfits was perfect and really worked well together for their Team shot! Plus they were FULL of energy and warmth - a joy to photograph!

Finally, a few last photos - which aren't quite "Behind the Scenes" but which have been a real highlight for me! My images on Train Station posters and billboards in the North West for Manchester High School for Girls! What an honour! And HOW EXCITING! It was a really fun morning going out with my Mum (who was behind the camera!) spotting them all and getting a buzz. (Yes, i need to get out more!).

If you are looking for a commercial photographer, please do get in touch. My job is to put people at ease in front of the camera, while taking some great shots for your portfolio, whether that be your new website, your latest marketing campaign or your social media. I am based in South Manchester, so i do cover the North West of England, but i do travel. So please do get in touch for more information and we can make a plan!

Thanks for reading! x

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