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Top 10 photo gift ideas!

I'm hoping to help inspire you... TO DO SOMETHING with your photos!

These days, we take hundreds of photos so easily on our phones, but then rarely do anything with them!

And one of the most lovely things to do for friends or family is to create a little photo gift that they can truly treasure. Or it can be as a little thank-you for staying with them. Or just something to make them smile!

So, here is a Top 10 of my favourite photo gift ideas:

1. Cute photo of your child’s favourite teddy? Turn it into a cushion! They will LOVE it. I have tried and tested this on six children and trust me…it’s a winner! The quality is great these days – head to

2. Lovely photo from a weekend away with friends or family? Send it to your friend on a postcard from your phone. Download the Touchnote app. Or even send it to yourself from your phone and stick it on the fridge!

3. Sweet photo of the grandkids at a family party? Create a sponge bag out of it for Grandad (who is always hard to buy for!).

4. Got 9 photos from a fab girlie weekend away? Upload them to inkifi and create a framed instagram style print for you to hang straight on the wall.

5. Cousins living miles away? Send them pics of your kids (or pets!) by printing their images onto drinks coasters. My little nephew & niece in Sydney love their coasters of their UK cousins!

6. Want a daily reminder of happy memories for YOU? Mini square photo magnets for the fridge. Try

7. Got twelve photos from the past year that you love? Turn it in an A4 wall calendar that you look at every day!

8. Need to thank a friend for having you to stay? A personalized photo mug! Takes five minutes to sort. Try Vistaprint.

9. Amazing holiday? Turn it into a phone case. Try

10. Do you have 52 photos from the past 10 years, which your Mum will love? I know that sounds specific – but wait for it. You can create her a paper photo diary – one photo memory for each week. If she uses a paper diary, she will LOVE this, guaranteed. Try Photobox for photo diary designs.

Job done!

If you have any other ideas – please do share. I haven’t included the photobook…because that’s a whole different beast!

Happy creating!

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