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I’ve been meaning to post this for AGES but I just wanted to share photos taken at a “Bring your Dog to Work” day at the Northern HQ of a client a while back. It was possibly one of my Top 10 favourite shoots EVER.

It was the first time they had run this initiative and it was such a success. Not only was it super cute and such a laugh, but it was so lovely to see colleagues chatting with each other and making new connections, thanks to their furry friends!

And even though there were over 100 dogs on site (yes you read that correctly!), they were so well behaved. Not a Doggy Asbo in sight!

At lunchtime, there was even a K9 obstacle race which was hilarious and such a laugh for all spectators, whether they had a pooch or not.

I know a lot of work went into making the event happen on every level, but the amount of good feeling and positive vibes that it generated was unprecedented!

The only downside?

Returning home, at the end of the day, to my dog Gilbert …smelling of 100 other dogs! He was furious!

Just thought these images would put a big smile on your face! x

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