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Behind the scenes!

Updated: Feb 14

It's been a busy few months, to say the least!

And i'm often really good at posting 'behind the scenes' shots on my Insta story, but rubbish at putting the finished images on my website!

But it has been a while since my last blog like this, so i thought i'd post a few recent images. So first up, this shot below was taken during a Headshots shoot at mine in October. FABULOUS weather too! My client wanted some fresh images to promote her new business as a Nutritional Therapist, so she brought a really great variety of outfits. We brought in our favourite prop (the mug!), so she had something to hold, but which also helped make her look even more approachable. She also had her makeup done professionally, just before the shoot, which worked so well. (Please do always ask if you need a Makeup Artist, as i know the perfect person, who lives locally and does a fabulous job).

Next up, a Team shot in Hale Village, for Hale Dental & Implant clinic, to showcase all their wonderful staff! The main aim is to have everyone looking as natural as possible, as there is nothing worse than a team shot, with everyone looking on edge and awkward! It was important for everyone to look relaxed and approachable, which i hope you feel they do here. This location also worked so well, as the gorgeous greens & browns from the living wall behind the team, complemented their scrub colours so perfectly! (And yes, that living wall was installed by another one of my lovely clients, I Want Plants, based locally in Ashley!).

This next shoot was back in the studio, with a fabulous author called Diane Speier, a birth and postpartum professional, who wanted shots to promote her book launch. We did lots of shots outside, but she also wanted a studio shot, with a white backdrop, for some of the images. So we did just that!

I'm excited too that this shot also made it to Amazon, where Diane is selling copies of her book, Life After Birth!

Next up, a very hot shoot at Oxygen in Manchester, for the I Want Plants team. They have put in a living wall around this swimming pool of the block of luxury apartments - so i had the dream job of photographing it! Stunning work as always...and i was very glad not to be in a thick jumper and jeans!

Now back to a Team shot, for the lovely ladies at the HR Dept Warrington & Trafford, who wanted some shots individually, but also as a team, for their Social Media & PR. They were such a delight to photograph and we laughed so much! I really love seeing their images on LinkedIn, promoting their various talks and events.

It was in May, so we were blessed with such a lovely backdrop too. The team all co-ordinated outfits, so that some were plain, some were patterned, but the main theme was black.

And finally... a Headshot by (yes, you guessed it!) a Brick Wall! This is my neighbours' wall and i use it on every single shoot! Don't worry...they are aware of this! But it just gives lovely tones and textures to the images, and never fails to look awesome, in my view. My client here wanted some fresh headshots, to update her LinkedIn profile, plus her various social media channels. It was a fabulous shoot, with a real variety of outfit changes coupled with a LOT of chatting about being Mums, Menopause and Hockey!

So there you have it! Some recent images which i hope you like!

The main brief i often get, is capturing my clients looking friendly, approachable and professional. The key is helping them relax in front of the camera, as 99% of people really dread having their photo taken. But i give you lots of information, so that you know exactly what our shoot will entail. And we will have a plan on outfits, so that you are prepared and that there are no hidden surprises.

For a Headshots shoot, my prices start at £300 for 10 images. For commercial work, my half day shoots start at £600.

Please get in touch for more information, i'd love to be the one updating your images! Thanks for reading! x

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