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Are you ready for the Business Bounceback?

Updated: Feb 14

We have survived the January blues,

Spring is around the corner,

And the vaccines are continuing to be rolled out!

And from a work perspective....'s a brilliant time to plan your post-lockdown photography for the year ahead!

Updating headshots and 'Website refreshes' are my most frequent requests from clients, so i just wanted to share a little update.


Some say you should refresh your headshot every two years, so keeping it fresh is crucial. It not only makes the best first impression, but now that we are relying so much on digital comms, it really is key. I work out the best angles, lighting and poses, as well as make you feel comfortable and relaxed, to get the best shots.

Headshot shoots here in Bowdon cost £300, last 1-2 hours and include ten digital images. You'll end up with a variety of fabulous chosen images, ready to upload to LinkedIn, Social media and for Press & PR use. The images below were all taken outdoors, so even though my studio is temporarily closed, my garden isn’t!

Website refresh: We've all heard the stories of businesses pivoting in the pandemic and probably experienced some changes ourselves. So why not make 2021 the year to refresh your photos and switch up the look of your site? Maybe now's the time to step away from the stock imagery and create original content. From creating a portfolio of a few simple flat-lays (which are ideal for Instagram) … to updating images of buildings, interiors or still life, it’s a great time to update old content.

Even though it’s hard to predict what 2021 will bring, we can still make a plan, so please do get in touch if this is something you are considering!

"If like me, you are naturally camera shy and the thought of having corporate profile shots taken fills you with absolute dread and horror, then Katie is the photographer for you! She is just so natural and easy to talk to - you will completely forget any initial awkwardness and end up having a really good laugh."

- Anna Thorman, People Place HR

Please do get in touch if you would like to know more, I would love to help your photography plans become a reality this year! Thanks for reading. x

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