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5 step programme to creating a Photobook!

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

An introduction:

I have lost count of the number of clients and friends who “keep meaning” to make a photobook. But they never have time.

This is what I hear:

1) “It scares me!”

2) “It’s too time-consuming!”

3) “Where do I even start?

4) “I’m massively overwhelmed!”

5) “It’s too mammoth a task!“

Well I have good news. This third UK lockdown (at least i THINK it's the third?!) now means that we finally DO have time!

I have created a five-step programme, to handhold you through this photobook-making process.

Each step gives you advice, tips and checklists, so it's an easy process to go through.

And it's for free! YAY!

There is no catch.

I’ll EVEN give you homework. Yes! Homework!

Homeschooling is not just for the kiddiewinks, folks!

Over the years, I have created over 40 photobooks for friends and family, plus for me.

I even did one for my dog!

Don't ask! 😆

And prior to photobooks, I used to put photos in albums. I’ve literally got dozens of them... all stored in chronological order and everything.

Please don't let that scare you. 😮

I am one of the ONLY people on this planet who does this.

(Apart from my Mum! 😆)

We know we are the minority. 🤪

And let me tell old school mates have taken the mickey out of me for YEARS with my geeky bookcase of albums! 🤓

But that is why i want to help you create your own photobook, as most people want to make one, but don't know where to start.

So firstly...why create a photobook?

1) You will FINALLY get to DO SOMETHING with your digital photos.

2) You will be archiving memories for everyone to enjoy for years. Kids, grandparents, friends, the dog... everyone LOVES them.

3) There’s only so much Netflix you can watch!

4) And there are only so many drawers and cupboards you can clean out - if you haven't already spent the other lockdowns doing that job!

5) It's good for your mental health. I'm sure of it!

6) will genuinely feel like you have achieved something during yet another lockdown.

My 5 step guide will handhold you through the process, hopefully making it as stress-free as possible.

And it will help you work out a process for creating a photobook for the future.

Because once you have successfully created one book, you'll have the tools (and the confidence) to create many more.

I'm here to stop you from feeling that this is just "too big" a project.

No more weird "dreading" feeling!

And then, like a proud "Mother bird", watching her young as they learn to fly away, i will feel like my work here is done! 😆

My 5 step programme will cover the following:

  • finding a theme for your book (a holiday? your pet? a year in photos? a Lockdown album?)

  • selecting your photobook supplier

  • choosing which type of photobook to create (size, cost, no of pages etc)

  • deciding which photos to use for your book

  • how family and friends can get involved by sharing their photos with you

  • organising your photos into one central location (from your phone/ laptop/ social media/ shoebox)

  • uploading these photos online

  • creating an online album to then use to create your book

  • following practical tips creating the actual photobook

  • doing a final check before pressing "Send to Print".

So all I ask from you, is for two things.

Firstly, please do join the Photobook group that i have set up on my Katie Lucas Photography Facebook page:

Or you can just head to Facebook and search:

5 step programme to creating a photobook

It'll send me a request that you have asked to join, so just hold tight and i'll approve your request!

This is where I’ll put updates, advice and photos. But it'll be a great space for us all to share our photobook journey together.

(Don't worry if you're not on Facebook though, as I will also be putting my tips and advice here on my blog too.)

Then secondly, I’ll ask you to do this.

Please picture yourself… post this latest lockdown… with hairy legs, bushy beards and grey hair...

but brandishing a



SHINY photobook in your arms!

That vision is about to become a reality.

So what are we waiting for...let's get photobooking!

Click here for Step 1

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