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Creating a photobook: Step 1

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

So you've read the Why's and the Wherefores in my previous blog, giving you an intro into the photobook process. If not, have a quick read here.

If you have read the intro, then you are now officially at Step 1.

So where do you start?!

Well actually…you don’t have to start right at the very beginning.

Phew! 😅

Your first step is to decide the theme of your photobook.

The last 15 years of your life?

NO! Too much.

Your children’s entire lives up til now?

NO NO NO! WAY too much. (unless they’re 10 days old! 😆)

A small project that will give you a great feeling of satisfaction and achievement when it’s done? YES! That's the one!

So…let’s go.

Step 1 is “picking a theme” for your photobook.

Think of a time in your life that makes you feel happy.

And let’s start with that.

So, ideas for your books could include:

1) Your last holiday

2) Your child’s first year

3) A year in the life of your pet

4) Your best travel moments

5) Your wedding! (This could maybe be too big a project…?)

6) Life since your divorce!

7) A book for someone else

8) Your 40th birthday party

9) Your best holiday EVER!

10) A Lockdown album!

So, a few tips to consider:

a) Do not choose a project too big.


c) Be kind to yourself and just go slow.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

“I have catalogued my ENTIRE life in one perfect photobook!”

Said No-one.


You now need to think about this small project.

That’s your homework. (see…my homework isn’t too bad, is it?!).

Have a think of the theme for your book. You could even do a Top 5 ideas list.

I'm not like scary old Mr Bronson from Grange Hill.

Hopefully my teaching methods are more like Dewey Finn from School of Rock!

So when you’ve decided on your theme, then click here for Step 2.

Photo credits:

Julie Andrews in Sound Of Music @ 20th Century Fox

Mr Bronson in Grange Hill @ Den of Geek.

Jack Black as Dewey Finn @ Paramount

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