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13 photo gift ideas for the kids this Xmas

Feeling the stress of gift ideas for the kids ...yet want to buy something meaningful?

Which won't end up in landfill in January?

Fear not.

I have listed 13 festive ideas here. You just need photos to make them happen.

And a little bit of time.

And then you will be rewarded with BIG smiles and hugs on Xmas day! Woop woop!

Please note - the production and delivery may take a couple of weeks, so act quick!

1) The Photo Cushion:

GiftPup £19.99

The kids will LOVE a photo of their teddies printed on a cushion.  

Alternatively, you could always put a Christmas photo on it and bring it out to decorate the home every festive season!  (My cousins do this with a photo of their kids wearing Santa hats when they were young. Now the "kids" are in their 20's and they LOVE seeing it every Xmas!)

2) Now another version of this is the Personalised SEQUIN photo cushion:


How cool? 

A sequin cushion that reveals a photo when you sweep over them.  

3) Photo Beach Towel:

From £24 from Bags of Love.

How about a photo of your pet on the towel... who you can't bring on holiday!  Boo hoo. 

I haven't checked the quality on these, but i bet they're pretty good.

The reviews are positive.

And oh...who doesn't love a practical Xmas gift?!

4) Photo Jigsaws:

From £19 for 100 pieces.

I love this idea! 

Ideal for the jigsaw lovers in the family, no matter what their age 

You could create a jigsaw of a holiday snap from the summer or a happy family memory! 

5) Ravensburg Memory game...with YOUR photos:


The various options for this famous memory game are between 24 - 72 printed cards (using 12  - 36 photos), printed in fabulous Ravensburg quality. 

This game would bring the whole family together... (they say even three year olds can play)...especially with all the fabulous personal photos.

6) Teddy with photo t-shirt:


Ok... "bear" with me on this one!   

The team at Find Me A Gift have created a very cute teddy, who wears a t-shirt, with a photo on of your child.

Or even better, a photo of their favourite teddy.

Just picture your little one's face when they see this!

7) A5 photo notebook:


This is an easy stocking filler, that is really special. 

Lots of other sizes available, but these could be great for School. 

8) Photo socks!


Yes - that's right.  Your favourite peoples' heads...printed onto socks.   

You can even put your pet's head on there!  Lots of colours to choose from.  And something that will be sure to make everyone smile. Even Rover! 

(OMG...i can't believe that's the first dog name that came to mind! Lol!)

9) Photo Blankets:

From £15

These are SO SO sweet.  Such a gorgeous gift for any child.  You could create a photo collage of your family pet, or some sweet pics of cousins together, or BFF's. 

Really sweet idea. 

10) Bed linen:

No - i'm not joking!

For £29, you can have photo pillows and duvets! 

Maybe go crazy and get a set that you just dig out for Xmas? 

Certainly something that could become a really sweet tradition.

11) Personalised photo playing cards:


A super cute stocking filler for the family member who loves a card game. 

12) Personalised Make-up bag:

£12.99  (20x14cm) or £17.99 (20x30cm)

Happy Snap Gifts

For the teenage girl in the house! 

You can never have enough make-up bags. Period.

This one is a no brainer.

13) Round Christmas bauble/decoration:


Not quite a bauble, but a round Xmas ornament. 

How adorable is this to hang on the tree every year?! 

It could be used for "Baby's First Christmas" or "Dog's 2nd birthday". 

I hope these ideas give you some inspiration. Do let me know how you get on, as i'd LOVE to see the finished products! Or if you have any other ideas for kids' photo gifts, please let me know:

Thanks for reading.

And i wish you a truly gorgeous Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

NB: Please note - these photos have all been screen-shotted from the various websites that they are linked to. Except for the top one of Big Bunny, obvs. She insisted on her own photoshoot!

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