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Which style of headshot?

Updated: Feb 14

There are so many different styles of headshots, but finding the right one for you is key. Most clients want to look friendly, professional and approachable, but what's the best way to do this? I did a photoshoot for Ciara (of @CiaraMcVeighWriter fame) and she very kindly offered to help me showcase these styles for you.

The shot below is by far the most common. It is often the shot that most companies need so that they can showcase each employee on their "About Us" page. This is also ideal for security badges, ID purposes or email signatures.

Some companies approach me with a different brief and want to go for the landscape shot. This is great for adding text in the white space. I also love this style for Press & PR purposes - it makes a big impact.

This image below certainly gives us food for thought, with regard to the various formats you may want to consider. Can you work out which is which for the following categories:


Social Media

Standard Use?

Answers are at the end of this blog!

The image below is more formal and shows more of Ciara's body. This style of shot is rarer, purely due to space on the various online platforms.

Below, Ciara is seated - even though it may be hard to tell. But she is looking up at the camera and i was on a step ladder. It just gives a different perspective.

Here, she is still seated, with her hands now forming part of the image. This style may not suit everyone, but it certainly stands out. Again the white space makes it ideal for text to be added - so great for websites and press.

The shot below may not be right for a job interview! But it's fun and care-free. As always, it depends on the image you want to portray. We did get the giggles while i persuaded Ciara to adopt this pose! I think you can probably tell!

I have only ever had two clients ask for a full body shot. One was for a client's Mum who lived abroad and who wanted a full body shot of her son, to put alongside a framed picture of his brother in the exact same pose! The other client needed a full body shot for a dating website, which was one of the conditions on joining. Apart from those two times, it is actually quite rare.

The two shots below are classed as Environmental shots, often outdoors by a brick wall, or in front of some foliage. It gives depth to the image and makes it more unique. These tend to be for clients wanting headshots just for themselves, or for a few of their employees. Due to the weather conditions, it's hard to replicate this exact image on 100's of employees, with our ever-changing climate. So this shot suits a smaller number of people!

Finally, these are two indoor shots, ideal to showcase the personality of your brand. We've added accessories too, including a mug which gave Ciara something to hold. No, it didn't have anything in it, before you ask! These accessories help add colour and personality to the images, not just literally, but emotionally too. For these shots below, Ciara brought in the framed prints & candles, and i added mugs, notebooks & plants. They are light, airy shots, which show off Ciara's (dream) work scenario! And we all know that 99% of workspaces don't look like this, but why not live the dream?

You'll notice that Ciara has worn a variety of outfits for our shoot. I give each client a list of tips beforehand, which give advice on What to wear, amongst other things. I'll write another blog about that another time!

But I hope you find this particular blog useful. Sometimes clients come with specific images that they want to replicate, so i'm always up for a new challenge. If you are interested in booking a headshot shoot with me, please do get in touch. I am based in Bowdon, Cheshire, which is near Hale and Altrincham. My headshot shoots cost £300 and are a fantastic investment in your digital profile.

Best wishes, Katie x

ps: Answers to my "quiz" photo:

1) Creative

2) LinkedIn/Insta/Social Media

3) Standard Use

How did you do? Full marks i hope!

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