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Top 10 photo gift ideas for Xmas 2020...

Well...what a year!

There are no words.

So let's put a smile on our loved-ones faces, with some really thoughtful photo gifts.

A personalised gift in person, or in the post, will genuinely mean so much to family and friends.

So, here are my favourite ideas for this year, in no particular order:

1) Photo Face Mask from SG Printing £9.99

Who could have predicted 12 months ago, that this would make a great gift for 2020?! Fun and oh so topical!

(Please note, SG Printing are a local based printing company who are totally FABULOUS and brilliant to work with! Please support local!)

2) Personalised photo bauble decoration from Snapfish £11.99

How adorable is this to hang on the tree every year?! 

It could be used for "Baby's First Christmas" or "Dog's 2nd birthday" or "Lockdown Xmas 2020". 

3) Photo Dog & Owner jumper from Not on the High Street from £36.

This made me laugh so much. Your photo on Santa's shoulders and your pooch as Rudolph! What's not to like? And considering that 99% of our country now own a Lockdown puppy, i think it'll be a popular gift!

4) Personalised Travel Photo Gift Map from Not on the High Street from £22.

This seemed so personal and such a lovely idea. Pick a special holiday you have had and have 7 photos inserted in a collage style set up. Obviously it won't be from a holiday in 2020, but a great reminder of holidays gone by.

5) Photo socks... from Super Socks. These will always put a smile on your feet! From £18.99. Mmmm....can you spot what i got for Xmas last year...?!

6) A Weekly photo desk calendar for £24.99 from Photobox

Okay so you need 52 photos, but trust me, this is GENIUS! And joy filling. And gorgeous quality. They don't even have to be photos from 2020, you can go retro, and find loads of old ones too.

7) Photo album locket from Not on the High Street from £39.

How precious is this? Absolutely gorgeous. So unusual too. I have never seen anything like this before.

8) A box of personalised Belgian chocolates from Getting from £12.99

What is not to like here? Chocolate and photos. Yes please!

9) Magnetic photo booth strips from Photobox £8.99

How cheery are these for your fridge? Really fun...and a daily reminder of your smiley faces, for those who don't live nearby.

10) And finally, nothing beats vouchers for a Family photoshoot!

(Well come on now...i'm not going to write a whole blog and not mention 'Yours Truly'! Lol!).

Seriously though, after the year we have had, it's no surprise that we will value seeing our loved ones more than EVER. And capturing your love as a family, is something that is more poignant now than ever. Vouchers come in denominations of £50 and family shoots cost £150, so please do get in touch if you want more info.

Please do let me know your thoughts on these ideas! I'd love to hear about any other fun photo gifts that you have spotted.

Thanks for reading! x

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