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The Reluctant Dad!

Updated: Feb 14

The Reluctant Dad before a photoshoot.

We all know one.

We’ve all met one.

They make up 95% of most Dads!

Yes…the Dad who would rather have root canal treatment, than have a family photo session!

He would rather be watching sport, at the pub, in the garden, doing anything BUT run through the English countryside with his kids for a random photographer!

So, this blog is for all those people who need to 'sell the idea in' to their other half! First of all...


Let him know that the photoshoot will take 1-2 hours MAX. There is a plan. And there is an end. It doesn’t go on and on and on. I start all my shoots with a genuine plan of whose photo I’m taking when and where.

The Reward:

Dad will need a reward. A pint. A sports match. A lie-in the next day! Whatever it is…big up the rewards!

The shot for "Mum’s desk at work":

Nothing beats a photo of Dad with his kids. Especially when you're having a bad day. "Dad with the kids" melts my heart every time. Just saying.

The Comedian:

Dad genuinely has a really important job on the photoshoot. When i want to get shots of the kids on their own, his purpose is to make his kids laugh behind camera.

Yes really!

He will know ways to make his children giggle WAY more than I do. So we need his comedy skills.

(which I can’t see by the way, as he’ll be behind me and my camera!)

Making him relaxed:

I would never want a Dad to feel awkward or uncomfortable.

It just shows in the photos.

So I've got lots of tricks up my sleeve to make families laugh and feel relaxed!

Memories for Life:

This 2 hour slot will create special memories for LIFE. It captures a moment in time. And when Dad is old and grey, I bet you he will thank you for these photos! (or if he doesn’t thank you, he will think about thanking you!)

Father’s Day gift:

Father’s Day is round the corner.

You could always gift him a photoshoot, knowing that you can benefit from it too!

(My kind of gift! See more details below!)

Dad of the Year award:

It will also make him win “Dad of the Year*” award.

(*Please note, this prize is not included in the shoot. But you can say that he would most definitely be nominated for Dad of the Year, if there WAS such an award!)

To finish off, here is a genuine quote from James, a classic "Reluctant Dad":

“You know - that wasn’t HALF as traumatic as I thought it was going to be!” James.

If you do fancy gifting a shoot for Father's Day, please do just get in touch!

My Family shoots are £150 and i have vouchers in any denomination. I'll help you create gorgeous images that you will treasure for a lifetime. Click here to see some of my Family photoshoots from the previous years.

But if Dad really WOULD prefer root canal treatment, then I wish you lots of luck! x

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