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The all-important Flat lay!

I've been doing a few 'flat lay' shoots recently, which has allowed me to get all creative!

Clients are realising that flat lays make such great backdrops to websites and Instagram posts, especially when they are personalised and colour themed to their brand. It also helps with SEO if they are not stock images. "Personalised" really is best.

The most recent client with whom i have worked was David Booth, who has written the book, Strategy Journeys. He wanted a blue & yellow theme to his flat lays, as these are the colours of his brand, and also his new website.

David helps organisations plan their strategic journey, so we needed to keep a "strategy theme" within his flat lays. We had a zoom call to discuss and plan our props.

Chess pieces were OUT!

Notebooks and pencils were IN!

Along with coffee, magazines, pens and a copy of his book of course!

We wanted it to be clear and clutter-free, so we went for a minimal approach.

The props were kept to blue & yellow, which tie in well with his brand and website.

Backdrops were kept very minimal.

Some clients will want the images to do the talking. Others may want to add their own text to the image. Either way, i can take a full brief and we can plan the flat lay shoot together.

It doesn't matter if you are not Manchester based, as i can order any props online ...and i have an amazing group of friends who are always on hand to lend me some key items, to keep within budget!

Please do get in touch if you would like more information or to discuss any flat lays. I would love to help bring creativity to your site or your brand, in a simple and effective way!

Thanks for reading! Katie x

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