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Plan B: Don't give up!

My quote of the moment:

So i'm taking it to hand...and i'm not giving up.  

After announcing last week that i was running my "Festive Backdrop STUDIO shoots"... these are now on hold til after 2nd December.

(Yes...there have been tears!)

However, i've dusted myself down and i'm not giving up!

So, ladies and gentlemen...please welcome the all-new "Lockdown Festive Doorstep shoots" which have now arrived. Yes... rather hastily. But nevertheless, they are here!

Earlier this year, i had such a wonderful time, zipping around the neighbourhood, taking lockdown doorstep photos of local families from a safe distance. 

So i have decided to do the same again for November. But this time, with Xmas jumpers, fluffy hats and festive props instead!  Tell it too early for a wreath?

If you live locally (see areas below) and are interested in having a mini shoot, please do get in touch.  

  • Shoots last 15 minutes.

  • They take place during daylight hours across weekends in November.

  • The cost is £50 for 5 jpgs, including a £5 donation to Lifeshare, a Manchester homeless charity.

  • Local areas include Hale, Altrincham, Bowdon, Hale Barns and Dunham.

  • All you need is a sense of humour ... and a woolly hat!

I will even add a snowy overlay onto the image in Photoshop, just to make it extra festive!

What's not to like?! Before you know it, you'll have Michael Buble's Xmas hits on full and you'll be digging out the mulled wine! And it's only mid November...!

If you would like more info, or if you'd like to book your slot, please click here.

And here's hoping that we won't need a Plan C!

And if we DO, i'll be trying to find one!

Thanks for your support and understanding during these unforeseeable times!


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