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Need a new business headshot...but hate being photographed?

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

You're not alone.

95% of people who come to me for their headshot photoshoot have been dreading it.

Both men and women.

And i totally get why.

You imagine that it'll be awkward and uncomfortable. You'll feel self-conscious. You won't know what to do with your hands. You hate having your photo taken.

The list is endless.

But fear not! I have taken heaps of headshots and my main priority is to make you feel at ease.

If i don't, i can't do my job. And you will look really uncomfortable.

So, let me take you through the process.

Before you come to my studio, we will have a chat on the phone so i can talk you through everything.

A lot of people bring a change of shirts/clothes, so you can have a few different looks. I have a separate changing room in the studio where you can get changed privately (in case you're panicing that you have to get changed in the corner of my studio!)

Lots of my female clients pop to the hairdresser so that they look utterly fabulous. And i would do exactly the same in their shoes!

We spend approx one hour taking the photos - with a variety of backdrops, both in my studio and in my garden. It's really informal and relaxed. We can stop for a coffee if you fancy, but we often chat throughout the shoot.

And we review them as we're going along, so you can see which side you prefer, which angle, which outfit etc.

As the session goes on, i promise that you will start to unwind and feel more relaxed. By the end, i often have clients literally working the camera!

If this still fills you with dread, you are more than welcome to bring a friend along. That helps make it more relaxed too. We often end up having a real laugh. (And if your friends wants their photos doing at the same time, i actually do a special deal.

After the shoot, we review the photos together and get them down to a selection of digital images, which i edit and put in both colour, and black and white. I then dropbox them to you and that's it!

The main aim is get some really great shots, that make you look both professional and approachable. That tends to be the main brief from most clients.

And here is quote from one 'business headshot survivor':

"I wanted to thank you again for making it so easy. I don't think i could have done that with anyone other than you. You made it so relaxed." Jonathan

So if you are interested in a new headshot, then please do get in touch.

And I promise that it won't be half as scary as what you're imagining! x

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