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Mother's Day gifts: Plan A & Plan B!

Ask any Mum for her 'perfect day' wishlist...and it may look something like this:

A lie-in

Champagne Breakfast in bed (at a luxury 5* hotel).

Ideally served by Brad Pitt.

Some kind of amazing spa treatment, with hot stone massage therapy.

Again…involving Brad.

A girlie movie.

With the girls.

And Brad? (Is this too much Brad?)

Endless Dom Pérignon.

Diamonds. Lots of.

A helicopter ride somewhere.

Shopping spree down Rodeo Drive.

Dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Bed. With or without Brad. They both might be a bit tired at this point.

Pretty unattainable?! Mmm...thought so.

Welcome to Plan B.

A lovely list of photo gifts that will put a smile on her face. And you won't be re-mortgaging the house to afford them!

Plus if you order them by this weekend, they'll arrive on time. YAY!

A photo make-up bag:

She’ll use this EVERY day, so it ticks the practical box. (I’m a big fan of that). And will bring back happy memories too. Win win!


Personalised photo travel mug:

How lovely are these? You can never have enough travel mugs. Environmentally friendly too – so a "win win". And only £13.99.

A personalised photo apron:

Now this is a bit contentious.

Ts and Cs apply which look like this:

It can only be used by Mum if she’s baking/cooking something that she WANTS to be baking and cooking.

It is NOT, I repeat, NOT to be used for the washing up.

(I still feel bad that I once gave my Mum some new tea-towels for her birthday when I was 10 years old.

I know.



Personalised Solid Copper Photo Print:

So simple. And stylish. And gorgeous. And really unusual I think.


Photo tile with stand:

Really dull description! But it would look fab on Mum’s desk at work. Or on Granny’s bedside table. And it shows you’ve MADE AN EFFORT with your gift! YAY!


A personalised photo sewing/trinket tin:

Who doesn’t love a tin to put things in?!

No-one. Fact.

Okay – so it’s very girlie! But this IS Mother’s Day after all!

And only £15.99.

A personalised framed photo cotton print:

I’ve never seen this before – but it’s divine! More like a piece of art. And you can put a little message underneath too. Aah!


Framed magnet collage:

I thought this was a lovely idea. You have 9 images to choose from, which is a bonus if you’ve got lots to choose from. (Brad, George Clooney, Ryan Gosling…? Only an idea!)


A heart-shaped collage of photos:

So if you’ve got 20 photos, then think about this. They’ll be small, so iphone pics are perfect to bring back happy memories.


Well come on…you didn’t think I’d do a whole blog on photo gift ideas and not mention a PHOTOSHOOT did you?!

Of course not!

A Family Photoshoot with yours truly:

Yes… family photoshoots are a brilliant idea for Mother’s Day. Just to capture that moment in time. It’s all planned out: outfits that look great, trips to the hair salon, Mum looking fabulous. It’s something that no family ever regrets.

Vouchers start from £50. Contact me for more info and i'll email you “My Photoshoot Journey” booklet, which has everything you need to know, including all prices up front.

And if none of these gift ideas appeal, then I suggest you take out a MASSIVE bank loan and contact Brad Pitt’s agent.

Good luck!

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