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Meaningful Moments

What an unprecedented few months we are having, especially with the second wave of local lockdown news.  Strange times indeed.  But one positive aspect of the pandemic is the gift of contemplation. I’m sure we all feel grateful for what we DO have in life, which, for many of us, is family.  

These are unusual times, made all the more poignant by what we have previously taken for granted.  Who would have thought we couldn’t hug our own parents for 4 whole months?

So I'm putting my Photography Services on your radar, in case you had always thought about having a family shoot, but haven’t quite got round to actioning one.

Capturing treasured moments on your family’s journey is something you will never regret. Kids grow up quickly and before you know it, they’re ready to leave home and start their OWN journey.  Time really is precious. 

Let's coordinate the calendars  

Diaries are currently easier to co-ordinate than usual, with many of us working from home and staying in the UK.  So getting a date in the diary that suits everyone is fairly easy.

We plan everything in advance, so that:

  • your hair looks fabulous (Mum) ✅

  • everyone knows the shoot won’t last longer than two hours (Dad!) ✅

  • outfits have been planned in advance... and not dug out on the morning of the shoot (Kids!) ✅

  • there has even been some colour co-ordination planning too (Grandparents) ✅.

Ready to book your family photoshoot?

If you would like more details, I’ll send you my "Photoshoot Journey" booklet, so you have all the tips, advice, products and prices in advance.  No hidden surprises or hard sell.  Family photoshoots are £150, which include an 8x6” mounted print.

The good news is that I'm able to do family shoots outdoors, while maintaining a social distance, so we'll be keeping within the latest Government guidelines.

Please do get in touch if you want any more information. I'd love to be the one taking some gorgeous photos of your family, which you will treasure forever.

Thanks, Katie x

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