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Ideas on how to display your photos

Sometimes the choice of displaying your photos can seem totally overwhelming.

Do i opt for a framed image? Or an acrylic? Or acrylic behind glass? Or canvas? Or box frame? To name but a few.

So many choices.

I suppose the first option is budget. Have a think about what you are wanting to spend. Some good value options include a box frames or a canvas. But what is the difference?

If your image doesn't have much space/room around the outside, this makes it hard for a canvas wrap choice. Imagine a close-up image of four people together. If you were to have a canvas wrap, then the perimeter of the image will need to be wrapped around the outside.

The image on this canvas has been 'wrapped' around the edge.

This is fine if you have lots of landscape or space around everyones' heads. But if it's a close-up, it will be over-cropped.

So therefore, think about a box frame. A wood edge surrounds the outside of the frame, so your image doesn't have to be cropped.

Box frames have a wooden frame covering the side of the artwork. Ideal if you don't have room to wrap the image around the edge. Box frames are available in various colours too. So, these are ideal options if you don't have much space around the outside of your image.

Next up. The acrylic. I love these too. Ideal for a more modern home, i think. They come either plain acrylic or with glass.

This is plain acrylic. It's hard to see how thin it is! But it does look fab.

Here you can see that it is millimetres thick. (Or should that be millimetres thin?!)

Then acrylic behind glass makes a massive statement too. Again, i'd say this is more modern.

Slightly thicker but looks awesome.

Don't forget your traditional framed image. This can suit any wall, as your frame choice can be traditional or contemporary.

This frame has been painted in a Farrow & Ball shade.

Bit of close-up action!

And remember, i can get your frame painted in any Farrow & Ball colour (or alternative suppliers). I just need the name of the paint and can buy a sample pot. Perfect if you want a frame to match your kitchen cupboards or your lounge walls.

This frame has been painted in F&B too.

On my studio wall, i have lots of different framing options to show clients. Sometimes it's good to see the various different styles in situ.

My dog just loves being in the shot! Seriously.

Clients also can buy the digital images and get their photos framed elsewhere.

But only if they PROMISE to do this and not just leave the images on the USB stick forever! That just makes my heart feel sad! Yes, seriously!

I have only mentioned a few of the displaying options here. There are obviously hundreds of others out there too! But i hope i have at least helped explain the differences between the products that i supply. If you are interested in booking a family photoshoot, please do get in contact: x

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