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I 💙 brick wall backdrops!

Updated: Feb 14

Who doesn't love a brick wall? I just feel like they're timeless when it comes to using them in my Headshot shoots.

The images can be portrait or landscape, with the client on the Left or Right, allowing for text space for website design and Press/PR at a later stage.

The bricks often guide your eye towards the subject - almost like you're following the bricks straight to the person in the image.

Clients can lean against them, or stand with their back to them. Sometimes that alone helps them relax into the shoot, because we all know that 99.9% of people really dread having their photo taken!

I have my favourite brick wall locations in my garden (& my neighbour's drive!) to replicate these shots. And i know some other great walls around the village. Yes, really!

So if you would like a headshot, which incorporates some BTA (Brick Wall Action!), please get in touch!

Headshot shoots cost £300 which includes 10 jpgs, so drop me a line for more information! Thanks x

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