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Horrendous school photo?!

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Disappointed with your child's school photo this year?

I totally get it.

My heart sank when i got this one back.

I'd had his haircut that week as well!

This one wasn't great either.

Very cute of big brother.

But really not sure what on earth was going through my youngest son's head!

I'd never even seen him pull that expression before!

Then the following year i got this one:

I mean that makes me want to cry. He looks so upset.

So i decided to take action!

I now open my studio up for three weekend days every autumn and I spend all day taking school photos.

I have a 30 minute slot minimum per family, which gives me heaps more time. (School photographers actually only have about 20 seconds with each child, so it's not an easy task for them.)

The kids are much more relaxed on my studio days. Apart from the fact that they have to wear uniform "at the WEEKEND!"

But we aren't rushed for time.

We can try different poses.

We can have a giggle.

It's also great for kids in different schools, so at least Mum can have one photo of them all together.

This year's School Photo Studio Open Days are on Sunday 29th September, Saturday 5th October and Saturday 30th November, so please do let me know if you're interested. I'll send you all the prices up front, so it's all transparent. (I don't like hidden surprises!).

You can choose from digital images or printed images (which come in an elegant white cardboard mount, as opposed to that dated brown mount!), so they can go straight on the mantelpiece.

Please do get in touch if you would like more information.

And remember... you can even get your child's haircut beforehand and it won't be a total waste of time! x

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