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Headshots for a Business start-up

Updated: Feb 14

I thought you may be interested in the first of my "Background Story" headshot blogs, where i put the spotlight on the person behind the photos and the story behind the images.

This blog's focus is on Alyson Greenhalgh-Ball, a Global Wellbeing and Nutrition Leader. Alyson is the founder of "Conscious Impact", a company that enables conscious change across the food ecosystem, driving positive impact for people, planet and prosperity. With over twenty-five years in the public health sector, her career has spanned both healthcare, academic, non-ex, commercial and latterly as the Global Lead for Health and Wellbeing at Kellogg.

Alyson is passionate about how good food is a cornerstone for health. Her intent is to lean into the solutions across the food system space, so we can collectively continue to nourish the world, respecting our precious planetary resources and celebrate food for the special place it has in our society, celebrations and shared experiences

Her photography brief was simple:

  • Bright, optimistic, colourful images.

  • Nature-inspired

  • Incorporating sustainable food to promote health, nutrition and wellbeing.

The images would be used as content for Press & Pr, Social media, Podcasts, Panels and Lectures, as well as fresh images for her website.

After taking Alyson's brief, we decided that her shoot would be best divided into three areas, to cover all bases:

One shoot outdoors in my garden for the traditional 'headshot' images.

One 'workplace setting' shoot indoors, at a desk, with props.

One location shoot in a beautiful rural setting.

We discussed outfits, props and accessories via email, so that she could arrive with a variety of tops, jackets, dresses and jewellery. She chose outfits which she loved and which she felt great in, as that really is key.

Images were taken both indoors and outdoors, and were landscape and portrait, so that they were versatile and easy to use on the right platforms.

The shots tended to be waist upwards, so she didn't have to worry too much about having the right trousers/ jeans/ bottoms to match. (I literally hear most clients breathe a sigh of relief when i tell them this!)

We then took some "in situ" shots, which incorporated Alyson sitting at a desk with her laptop, in a working scenario. These were taken in my beautifully-lit room above my studio, so we didn't have to travel anywhere, and followed the necessary Covid guidelines.

This was Part 2 of our shoot. I had asked Alyson to think about a variety of props that suited her brand and imagery. She brought in books, candles, mugs, notebooks and plants to add content and bring personality to the images. Other clients have brought in framed pictures, just to prop up in the background. Some incorporate the colours for their brand, so that the images tie in and reflect the synergy.

Then the third part of our shoot was "on location", where we incorporated nature, as that was the final part of Alyson's brief. We had some fresh fruit & veg props (real ones i hasten to add!), as well as rugs and baskets, so that we had plenty to work with. As you can imagine, it isn't as easy to do a full change of outfits when on location, so Alyson opted for a range of jumpers, which were really easy to change into.

After our shoots, Alyson then picked her favourites, which i edited and then transformed into black and white too, so that she ended up with a really wide range of images for her portfolio. Now she has all her Social Media profiles updated with the latest shots and is now in the process of launching her website.

Here's what Alyson said about the shoot:

"Katie is an incredible photographer, I knew that already but commissioning her to take the photos for my new professional venture just reinforced her talent and approach.

Katie carefully listens to the brief, then delivers with aplomb. She has a cheery, relaxed, fun style whilst being professional and astute, which is absolutely why she gets the best out of her clients, as they are open, relaxed and engaged.

Now I have a series of photos that suit all needs, whether in the office or more natural and in a beautiful rural setting. Don't hesitate to think of Katie for any photos - personal or won't be disappointed, moreover thrilled."

So there you have it! One happy client = One happy photographer!

Headshot shoots cost £300 so please do get in touch for more information. I would absolutely love to be the one taking some fabulous photos of you. x

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