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Haircuts & Headshots!

Updated: Feb 14

Over the centuries, we Brits have tried every different hairstyle, from mohawk to mullet and beehive to bob.  2020 is the year of the Quarantine Cut. Have you opted for the overgrown or the buzzcut? 

The Government announced hairdressers will finally be reopening on the 4th July 2020. Have you booked your appointment?

The second thing you’re going to want to book is your headshot photoshoot. 

With the combination of sun-kissed skin and a new haircut, it’s a fantastic time to consider a new headshot.

Leverage your new haircut 

  • A LinkedIn post about your all-new groomed look will make your clients smile

  • It's a really topical subject

  • Everyone knows that updating your headshot every 2 years is a key part of your social media identity

  • A good headshot makes you look AND feel great!

Ready to book your headshot?

My shoots are relaxed and good fun.  I take them here at my Bowdon Studio, incorporating both studio and outdoor shots.  I’ll advise you on outfits, so that you end up with a real variety of shots, which will be ideal for all social media. Photoshoots tend to last up to two hours, and cost £300.

If you are interested in getting some new headshots taken, I’d love to be the one taking them!  Or if you have any further questions, just contact me!


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