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First impressions can be SO wrong!

First impressions may not always be right! I learnt this back in January when I had an enquiry through my website, asking if I would photograph condoms.



Naturally only one image appeared in my mind… (!) and I wondered why this client was approaching me from a photography perspective?!

Cue: lots of funny remarks from girlfriends asking if their husbands could model!

However, I was intrigued, so i scheduled a phonecall with the founder of the company, Mo Carrier, so that I could find out more.

How wrong I was.

At the other end of the line was an absolutely fabulous dynamic young woman, who had created a new brand, selling condoms to a female market. No, not a femidom. (Are those even "a thing" any more?!)

But condoms for a new generation of women who don’t want garish packaging or harsh chemicals in their intimate areas.

Welcome to the world of MyBliss. A business that promotes products which support womens’ intimate needs.

  • Hello coffee pod style packaging, fully recyclable.

  • Hello PH friendly ingredients.

  • Hello silicone oil, which is loving to the female body.

  • Hello intimate wellness.

  • Goodbye spermicides.

  • Goodbye fragrances.

  • Goodbye garish packaging.

  • Goodbye thrush!

The shoot itself was on a fabulous sunny day and we had an absolute ball. Mo and her partner Joel were a real delight and were just such an inspiration. I got to meet the awesome Charlene, a videographer, from LoveGetsSweeter, who was filming video footage for their reels and website. You can see some of the Behind the Scenes action right here! We talked, we laughed, we enjoyed macaroons and raspberry mocktails and we photographed condoms! It was just the most perfect day.

And it is such a brilliant idea. These condoms are packaged in such a stylish way, in neutral colours, that they almost go incognito in any setting. They’re eco-friendly. They’re feminine. And considering that such a large percentage of condoms are bought by women, it’s about time there is a brand who are marketing towards them! I’d go as far to say it’s revolutionary!

If you know anyone who can help spread the word on the Press and PR front, please contact Mo and Joel direct. Interviews, radio, blogs, podcasts, social media – these two deserve to gain as much coverage as possible.

Same on the investment front - they are looking for help to take their brand to the next level, please do get in touch with them. Dragons Den anyone?!

Thank you MyBliss for such a wonderful shoot – it was an absolute pleasure. I am so excited for your journey and I can’t wait to watch your business grow. x

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