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Creating works of art

So your laptop is full of gorgeous digital images, but there is a catch. Only you can see them! So it's time to take things one step further and actually get them framed.

I offer this service to all my clients, but if you want to do it yourself, here's how you start:

Firstly, pick the images that you would like to frame. Some clients love a multi-frame, with lots of images in one frame. Others prefer individual frames. The general rule (totally subjective though!) is to hang frames in odd numbers. So if you have two children, choose two individual shots of each child and one "together" shot that can go in the middle.

Next step, find the place in your house where you would like your framed images to hang.

Then you can look at the space that you are working with and calculate the overall dimensions of the frames. Sometimes people cut out paper and blu-tac it to the wall, so that they get a good feel for frame sizes.

This is actually my studio display wall! Gilbert my dog wanted to be in this shot too!

Then the next decision is to work out which frame you would like. I have a variety of framing chevrons here in my studio which clients pick, varying in sizes from thin to thick, plain to ornate, contemporary to classic. Framing shops will have a good variety of these too.

But one of my most recent framing options has turned out to be a real favourite. It's plain bare wood that is then painted in a Farrow & Ball shade of your choice, taken from the Farrow & Ball colour chart. Often clients want the frame to match a particular shade in their kitchen or a wall in their lounge. Other paint brands are available too, don't worry. But this idea is truly genius - even if i do say so myself! My clients absolutely love it.

Plus this takes out so much of the stress of the framing options!

If i am doing the framing for you, i take care of all of this process. But if you want to do it independently, a local framing shop will happily help you decide frames and mounts, plus they will help advise you on what size image you need to provide.

Once your artwork is ready to hang, you will feel SO happy to have a gorgeous family memory on your wall to enjoy every day. It really is like a work of art, but one that feels so precious and captures a moment in your family's life.

I hope this post helps inspire you to frame some of your favourite images! If you are looking at booking a family photoshoot, please do get in touch. x

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