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Behind the scenes...

Updated: Jan 8

Many people are curious about the 'behind the scenes' to images or films or jobs.

I personally LOVE a bit of behind the scenes info!

Gossip, photos, stories...i'm a big fan!

So i thought i'd share some of the BTS images in this blog, so you get to see the before's and afters!

First up, some corporate headshots for the Civic Engineers team at their Manchester HQ. They were all in town for the day, from their various offices around the country, so i was on hand to take some updated shots for their website.

Luckily, i had the helpful assistance of Kat who was on reflector-holding duty!

Next up, a headshots shoot in my garden, where Aidan wanted some updated shots for his social media and website. I take a real variety of shots, both indoors and outdoors, and always advise clients to bring a few shirts/tops to create variety. Shoots tend to last 1-2 hours. And for really well behaved clients, they get a coffee or tea break too!

Many clients require location shots, or shots in situ, which was exactly what Andrea & Jill wanted for their new business venture, Cheshire Yoga. This was Part 1 of a two part shoot, with images taken in their old yoga studio, while they were waiting for the new studio to be refurbished. I'm always happy to shoot off-site and travel to a whole variety of locations.

Sometimes, i draft in my amazing Mum to help out! For these shots, i wanted some movement of people, to give the image some context, plus to add interest. So she came with me to the Liverpool Science Park to walk up and down the road about fifty times (!) to showcase the Hyvert Living Wall created by the incredible team at I Want Plants. Thanks Best Mum Ever!

Another headshots shoot, again in my garden, with some gorgeous summer flowers in the backdrop. We also shot against a white wall, cheshire brick wall and foliage, to give variety to the shots, and increase Ken's portfolio of headshot images.

Finally, a headshots session in the evening. I tend to do most headshots in the morning, but we were struggling to get a time in the diary and these worked so well. This shot was actually taken by my front door, so again, my home provides such a variety of backdrops for headshots shoots. Thanks for such a fun shoot SJ!

So there you have it! Some behind the scenes info.

Okay - so it's not Hollywood. Or the hottest news in town (!).

But it will give you an insight into the variety of shoots that i do, plus the finished article.

If you are interested in a shoot, whether that's a commercial shoot or a headshots shoot, please do get in touch. I will send you all the information in advance, plus pricing, so you can carefully consider if i'm the photographer for you!

For more information or to view my portfolio, please check out my website, or to get in touch, please click here. Thanks for reading! X

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