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A Family celebration!

Sometimes it takes a family celebration to nudge everyone into having a big photoshoot!

I'm often asked to take photos to celebrate Granny's 70th, Dad's 50th or a Golden Wedding Anniversary. Or just a milestone birthday.

Either way, it's always a pleasure to photography one big family's moment in time.

Here are some photos that i took at a recent family gathering, which was just so perfect.

We all discussed in advance what colours everyone would wear....right up to one hour before my arrival!

We also scheduled in the shoot just after summer holidays (so everyone looked tanned) and before school/university started again.

The logistics of getting everyone together were pretty immense, but we did it.

The only hitch was a broken arm the week before - but our little heroine still manage to show up and smile!

Just managed to hide the bright red cast in this pic!

I have loads of ways to make people feel relaxed and at ease on the big day.

You can treasure the photos forever and they will be a permanent keepsake.

Plus grandparents benefit from bringing everyone together, under one roof, which in itself, is super special.

So if you are thinking of a big family photoshoot, please do get in touch.

Thanks x

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