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The BEST Christmas gift ever!

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

This is a little story that may send a flutter of 'happy feeling' into your heart in the run-up to Christmas.

And better still, it’s a true story!

It all started with a teddy called Big Bunny.

Bear with me. It's worth reading - i promise!

Big Bunny arrived in our lives when my daughter was just two weeks old.

She is BIG.

She is most definitely not from “The White Company”.

But she has always been my daughter’s absolute favourite teddy. By far.

Here they both are, in matching dresses!

She has a big personality too and is VERY demanding.

Big Bunny that is.

When she speaks (well…when we speak for her), she sounds like Marge Simpson.

(Don’t ask!).

She also thinks she is secretly married to Greg Rutherford, the Olympian!

Long story.

Big Bunny has come on all our family holidays – taking up the full room of a small suitcase!

She has even met Minnie Mouse.

"An honour!" said Minnie.

Big Bunny even helped fly us home.

"Rather chatty!" said the pilots.

Three years ago, I was walking past a shop window and saw that they were selling cushions with photos of bunny rabbits on.

And then I had the BEST IDEA EVER.

I was going to put Big Bunny on her very own cushion.

So, I secretly arranged her very own photoshoot in my studio, while my daughter was at school!

Boy! Was she a Diva!

She demanded carrots.

And blue M&Ms.

Yet she worked that camera like a PRO!

And after our shoot, she went for a rest.

Meanwhile, I uploaded her photo to a website and created a cushion with her face on!

I wrapped it up and on Christmas Day, I can’t tell you how excited I was about handing this gift over!

My daughter actually thought it was going to be an Emoji cushion, but when she opened it, she went bright red and hugged it straight away.

She was SO SO SO happy. And my heart just filled with joy!

I think I may even have cried. (It was Christmas, after all!)

So why am I telling you this story?

Firstly, because putting your child’s favourite teddy on a cushion (or mug or bag or socks...) is a GENIUS idea, if I do say so myself!

Your child will honestly LOVE it.

Secondly, because I’m going to hold a Teddy Photoshoot Day on Thursday 28th November between 0900 - 1530 at my studio. So you can have a SECRET photo taken of your child’s teddy/childrens’ teddies while they are at school, with studio lights and white backdrop.

Thirdly, because you’ll have yet more Xmas presents in the bag! Boom!

Just £20 per 15 minute slot and I will email you the digital image/s.

I'll also send you the links to some fabulous gift ideas from a variety of websites, so you can create these gifts for yourself.

Or alternatively, if you’d prefer me to create the actual gifts for you, to eliminate any stress, I can happily do that too. (There will be an added cost for this service.)

Whatever suits you best!

Just drop me a line if you’re interested or to book your 15 minute slot.

And who knows, the 'legend' that is Big Bunny may well be at the shoot on Thurs 28th Nov to Meet & Greet you in person... and show you how it’s done!


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