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Ready for a Business photos refresh?

Photography is more important than ever, in helping businesses tell their story, share their personality and connect with the right customers.

We’re living through unprecedented times and we all know life after lockdown will be very different. One positive aspect about this transitory time, is having the time to reassess our brand and make sure we’re still on track. It’s time to look at your online content from a photography perspective and ask whether your images reflect: · where you are? · who you are? · where you want to be? If your website uses a lot of stock imagery, remember these images could be used on hundreds of websites, which isn't great for SEO. They not only lack authenticity, but they also limit your creative control. So here’s where I come in! Say no to stock photography and create unique authentic images for your brand!

Employee Photographs:

Now, more than ever, there is a demand from clients to see the people behind the brand. Still companies don't put a face to the name, they merely list the names and departments which is a huge wasted opportunity. Adding images next to the names, creates an emotional investment, showcases personality and boosts engagement. Office Photographs:

Many modern offices and workplaces offer great lighting and interesting features that tie in the brand. But if your workspace doesn't dovetail with your brand image, we can shoot on location, by finding an environment that fits the brief. Office images are a popular addition to company rebrands, and perfect for your website and social media campaigns.

I can help you plan and create your diverse Media Catalogue - a collection of images personalised to your business, including headshots, products and architectural photographs. Each can be distributed across your site, your social media, in case studies and interviews, as well as in your portfolio and in print. It’s not only good for search, but it also adds personality to your brand and that all-important factor..."variety".

Plus it gives you even more value for money during the shoot itself!

"Katie sourced a fantastic location for our Manchester team’s headshot refresh shoot, and made everyone feel really relaxed in front of the camera." - Gemma Ingram, Director of Marketing and Operations, Broster Buchanan

If you are looking for a photography refresh of your workplace or your brand, then please do get in touch. I'd love to help and make it happen! Just click here to get in touch.

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