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6 top tips for great holiday photos

Don’t always “Say Cheese”

Good photos don’t always have to have the kids looking directly at you & smiling. Sometimes the best shots are when the kids are not aware of the camera and are absorbed in their own little activities, whether that’s reading a book or looking in the rockpools for little sea creatures. A photo taken of the kids walking home from a day on the beach can sometimes be “the winning shot”. Taking natural photos can win hands down.

Think about angles.

Most people shoot from their eye height, as opposed to crouching down & taking pictures at the childrens’ level. Once you’re lower down, you’ll see lots of new viewpoints and it makes the images more interesting. You get to see the world from the childrens’ level. Alternatively, shoot from above. The bird's eye view makes a different kind of photo too.

Zoom in

Instead of always having the whole subject matter in shot, think about zooming in close & picking up some detail. Channel your energy into the interesting detail, like their toes or hand holding, or even their favourite toy or accessory. Sometimes a little memory of summer is all you need - like this daisy chain photo. It all adds to the storyboard.

Use your phone

Most of us are nervous about taking our cameras onto the beach for fear of the S word ….SAND! Instead, snap away with your phone. It’s practically sand-proof and these days can take some great images. The quality won’t be as good as your camera, but if you’re just capturing memories and not entering photo competitions, it doesn’t really matter, does it?

Time of day

The midday sun doesn’t produce the best photos of people for lots of reasons, let alone the fact that everyone has to squint! So think about taking photos when the light is gentler, like morning and late afternoons. The light in early evening when the sun is lower, is so gentle and can produce stunning photos. Also, think about taking photos in the shade too, when the lighting is gentler and when kids are cooler.

Family photo

At the end of the holiday, make sure you get at least one photo of you all as a family! Just ask a passer by to take a few – it’ll only take a few seconds. You’ll look suntanned, healthy and relaxed and it will bring back lovely memories every time you look at it…especially in the winter months when you’ll be feeling the exact opposite!

Hopefully these tips will help you take some lovely holiday photos, with a difference!

Thanks for reading...and Happy Holidays! x

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